Oil Cleanser!

How I have searched high and low for a good cleanser that easily takes makeup off, cleanses the face the way it should and then getting to know that it has to be a gentle cleanser and it shouldn’t strip away the natural oils on your face.

I made it my mission to find the perfect cleanser.

Lets rewind back to my teens, I didn’t really have problematic skin growing up but more so finding a cleanser that would take ALL my makeup off especially the dreaded pencil eyeliner and mascara! (to avoid the panda eyes)

My problematic skin phase started after my teens, as soon as I turned 22 omg! Really inflamed acne all over my forehead, I’m so thankful it cleared up. Even though I had acne, I also suffered from dry skin and nothing seemed to get rid of it.

By this time I was at the point where I heard that I needed to exfoliate and yes, I was also on the the St Ives apricot scrub hype and I used to scrub as hard as I could, thinking it’s making my skin clear and taking away my spots (ouch!). Thank goodness I stopped, I can’t think of the reason why I stopped, probably due to laziness of being consistent with a skincare routine. 

Fast forward 10 years, yes a WHOLE ten years! I was researching, going through number of different types of cleansers throughout the 10 year phase. I don’t know who I came across a Youtuber or a skincare article that was talking about cleansers and on that list was, get ready for it.. an OIL CLEANSER!

First thing that popped in my head, how can an oil clean your face?! (those who haven’t discovered it yet or haven’t tried it, will probably think the exact same thing). Anyway I was sceptical at first but I wanted to see, how on earth will this work?! I watched and read. I was thinking how can a oil do this, it was claiming that it was gentle but yet takes all your makeup off, hmm! 

I  finally ordered a cleansing oil, the DHC deep cleansing oil. The day I used this oil cleanser, it was a life changing discovery (l’m not joking). I wanted something gentle, not harsh and effective enough that it removes all makeup including anything waterproof. The result was brilliant and it takes off EVERYTHING!!!

A detailed review on the DHC deep cleansing oil will be up on the blog soon.

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