essential oil
Essential oils

What are essential oils?

Essential oils have been around for nearly 6,000 years, used in many different ways. The oils are extracted from plant leaves, bark and roots by either using distillation or cold pressing. The oils capture the plant’s scent and flavour or “essence”, it gives a unique aromatic compound. Once the aromatic oils have been extracted, they can be used in combination with a carrier oil or diluted in water to to be used safely. Essential oils have been found to have various degrees of antimicrobial activity and are believed to have antiviral, nematicidal, antifungal, insecticidal, and antioxidant properties. 

The highly concentrated oils  can be used for aromatherapy purposes too, the oils may be inhaled directly or indirectly or applied to the skin through massage, lotions or bath salts. Aromatherapy is thought to work by stimulating smell receptors in the nose, which then send messages through the nervous system to the limbic system — the part of the brain that controls emotions.

*Many essential oils have been shown to be safe when used as directed, always consult a trained professional before considering any aromatherapy.

Essential oils work very well when using it to add fragrance to products naturally, to candles, diffusers and many more. Natural ingredients mean that they have benefit when used correctly and that they won’t give off any toxins

essential oil
Essential oil- natural fragrance


*As advisory for the information above by stating that I am not a chemist and have no expertise beyond a serious interest in the subject. My information and opinions are all garnered from my own research, and I recommend you carry out your own if you are unsure about anything I say.*


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